The Yibin TINNO Headquarters Project was officially topped out

On the afternoon of April 24, the topping-out ceremony of the Yibin TINNO Headquarters Project was grandly held. The head office's leaders of TINNO, management of Yibin MeiJie (a wholly-owned subsidiary of TINNO and the construction operator of the Yibin TINNO Headquarters Project), and representatives of the project's construction, design, and supervision units all joined the ceremony. They poured the last            concrete for the building together, which officially topped out the Yibin TINNO Headquarters Project.


Locating next to the Convention Center in Yibin Sanjiang New Area, the Headquarters was designed by the Sichuan Institute of Planning and Design and constructed by Sichuan Huashi Yibin Construction Co. It covers an area of 1.2 hectares (about 18 mu), with a total construction   area of 43,000 square meters. The project includes a 21-story main building and a 3-story retail podium, featuring integrated R&D areas,      offices, and related supporting facilities. The park highlights eco-friendly, green, and low-carbon ways of living and manufacturing in its          design, relying on green space to create a multi-functional composite area of Research and Office in high qualityand to build a                      high-technology park integrating digitalization, intelligence, and modernization. Once the park is put into use, it will become an important base for the R&D, production, procurement, and final accounting business of Tinno in southwest China.


Yibin MeiJie is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tinno and the first multi-billion enterprise specializing in smart terminals in Yibin. Its construction and operation of the Yibin Tinno Headquarters Project are of great significance to the gathering of innovative talents and elements for the      emerging industries in Yibin, as well as the improvement of upstream and downstream industrial chains. Once the park is put into use, it will   further improve the strategic layout of the group in southwest China, creating synergies with the Tinno Meijie Industrial Park and becoming   one of the important supporting areas and demonstration windows for digital transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industries in      southwest China. The office building will be officially put into use at the end of this year.