TINNO and Kaiyi Auto reached strategic cooperation

Recently, TINNO Group and Kaiyi Auto reached strategic cooperation. The two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in their won advantages realms and jointly promote the deep integration in R&D of automobile electronic       technologies, chip procurement, and sales channel expansion so as to further enhance the development of the auto  industry.


On Feb. 16, TINNO, Kaiyi Auto and other technology makers signed cooperative agreements.

The automobile industry is a huge market at ten-trillion-level. The traditional automobile industry is logically   subject to the engine. With the rapid development of the new-energy automobile market, the automobile has entered  a new stage of electrification and networking, gradually transforming from a simple transportation tool to a mobile  intelligent terminal of rich functions. As what Cook, CEO of Apple, said, the vehicle in the future is a mobile phone on four wheels. In this context, the cooperation between automobile manufacturers and mobile phone enterprises has  become a development trend, since their interconnection and integration are more conducive to the digital        transformation for automobile enterprises. The personalized needs of the automobile industry and the transformation  trend of intelligence, networking and electrification are also expected to bring a new growth momentum for mobile   phone manufacturers. Such opportunity provides the cooperation basis for the two sides.

As a leading engine of 100-billion-level automobile industry built by Yibin, Kaiyi Auto, formerly a wholly-owned   subsidiary of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd, was changed to be jointly held by Yibin Automobile Industry Development  and Investment Co., Ltd and Chery Automobile Co., Ltd in December 2017.


Kaiyi Auto Park

As the world's leading mobile phone ODM manufacturer, TINNO is known as "the manufacturer of mobile phone brand    manufacturers" by providing design, R & D, production and manufacturing for major brand manufacturers. From mobile  phones, tablets to AIoT products, TINNO has nearly 20 years of experiences in the field of consumer electronics,   with a solid basic capacity of mobile phone industry, being one of the earliest domestic enterprises studying 5G  millimeter wave commercial technology and equipment. Over the years, TINNO has provided ODM services for         international brands such as Motorola, Xiaomi, NOKIA, and Realme, and such international well-known telecom     operators as AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Orange etc, covering more than 80 countries and regions around the world, providing complete product design services for industry customers in different markets. Thanks to strong         customization ability for resources reuse in cooperation with TINNO, Kaiyi chooses to cooperate with TINNO.

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The cooperation between the two sides encompasses multiple dimensions such as technology development, product     application, auto parts procurement, platform cooperation and investment cooperation etc. In terms of product    application scenarios, TINNO will provide smart cabin hardware, software, car ecology and other series products for  Kaiyi Auto, including but not limited to the streaming media rearview mirror, center control screen and other     products especially in the automotive front loading market. And, based on the good cooperative relationship between TINNO and international manufacturers and the extensive sales channel resources both at home and abroad, TINNO will  assist Kaiyi Auto in procuring core raw materials such as chips from international manufacturers and broadening auto sales channels at home and abroad etc.

Automobile is a corpus of industry, with its carrier, platform and integration far beyond than before in today's   industrial restructuring. The integration of automobile and machine can better play the advantages of automobile  manufacturers and mobile phone manufacturers in their respective fields, helping the upstream and downstream of the  industrial chain reduce the development cycle and cost, quickly industrializing the interconnection of mobile phones, automobiles and IoT smart equipment. We look forward to the cooperation between Kaiyi Auto and TINNO to bring     surprises to the market. It's magical to see!