The main body of TINNO 5G Cloud Valley Park Completed

On the afternoon of Feb. 11, TINNO 5G Cloud Valley Park was completed.


TINNO 5G Cloud Valley Park was located in Kengzi Street, Pingshan District, Shenzhen, next to BYD, Gongjin Electronics, United Winners, Jingtian S&T industrial parks. It is a complex high-rise industrial park invested by TINNO Group and constructed by the Third Bureau of China                   Construction Company, with a planned land area of 29 mu and a total building area of 100,000 , including four high-rise buildings and relevant supporting facilities of composite industrial manufacturing, comprehensive R&D and office. With the industrial space model of “industry               upstairs”, the park can fully meet the diversified demands of enterprises. On the same floor, the whole production chain can be realized                including technology R&D, product design, trial production, production, testing, packaging and logistics.


As the world’s top four mobile phone and intelligent terminal equipment ODM manufacturer, TINNO Group focuses on providing R&D, design,   manufacturing and services of mobile communication products for multinational enterprises especially American or European customers, with    the products covering 80 countries and areas around the world through customer networks. While developing and strengthening the mobile       phone industry, TINNO also actively expands the electronic manufacturing industry business, involving mobile phones, tablet computers &             peripherals, intelligent hardware (AIoT), 5G millimeter wave devices and automotive electronics.

In recent years, the semiconductor and integrated circuit industry in Pingshan District, Shenzhen gained rapid development, where gathers giants such as SMIC, Kimtigo, BASiC Semiconductor, Delux Technology and BYD Semiconductor, covering the whole industry chain of design,                    manufacturing, production, testing and packaging of semiconductors. Besides, there are also a large number of national high-tech enterprises,    S&T innovation platforms, colleges and universities. The industry cluster has taken shape and the industrial ecology increasingly improved.           Relying on the high-tech industry pattern in Pingshan, TINNO will build an innovation demonstration base of high-end manufacturing, and           actively support the industrial development and construction in Pingshan. After put into use, TINNO 5G Cloud Valley Park is expected to create   an output value of RMB 5 billion.


Located in the industrial cluster center, TINNO 5G Cloud Valley Park advocates the production and lifestyle of eco-friendly, green and low-carbon  in design and creates multi-functional, high-quality scientific research office, production and manufacturing scenarios based on green space. As well as the R&D office and global total warehousing & logistics base, TINNO will provide an industrial space of more than 50,000 ㎡ to support the development of semiconductors and the integrated circuit industry in the area and help enterprises improve logistics efficiency and reduce    costs through its own advantages in warehousing & logistics to deliver demon effects to the industrial upstream and downstream so as to             actively participate in the development and construction of the intelligent manufacturing industry in Pingshan District.