CSR Statement

We promise to abide by the laws and regulations in regard to labor, health and safety, environment, morals norm and other social responsibilities. We promise to observe the relevant internationally recognized standard and other applicative industrial standard and international convention. We establish the policy according to industrial standard and make sure the policy coincide with labor conditions, health and safety, environmental safety, morals norm, production processes and working environment. We continuously improve the working conditions and employee welfare. We make promises in the four aspects including labor policy, health and safety, environmental safety and morals norm. All these shall be strictly enforced by all the departments in the company.



  • Labor

    Free Employment

    Not to employ prison labor who is forced, mortgaged (including debt-expiated), indentured or unwilling; not enslave or sell labor. It is forbidden to ask employee to pay the deposit or to leave the identity card in company; employees shall not be forced to work overtime.

    No child labor

    It is prohibited to employ child labor in any section of manufacturing. All the employees must be over the age of 16. Employees under the age of 18 shall not be arranged to do works which may endanger the health or safety of juveniles.

    Protecting young workers

    Protect young workers from working conditions that affect their health, safety, ethics and development in accordance with relevant regulations.

    Working Time

    Employees shall not be forced to work overtime and the employer will not compel employees to work overtime. the company shall comply with local laws and industry standards regarding working hours and ensure that the working hours of each employee are in accordance with the labor law.

    Compensation and Welfare

    The company pay the employee according to local laws and regulations and the wage should not below the minimum wage standard. The salary detail should be listed clearly through the files, and corresponding holidays, wages, overtime pay as well as insurance should be provided.

    Humane Treatment

    Not to treat employees in a tyrannical and inhuman way. Any kind of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, physical punishment, physical or mental oppression, verbal abuse and the threat of violence against our employees are forbidden.


    We promise to protect our employees from harassment and illegal discrimination; the recruitment, wage, training opportunity, promotion, working arrangement (including working overtime) and dismissal are based on the ability of employee and the need of position. We are against and shall never allow any discriminations related to race, social class, nationality, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership and politics status.

    Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

    Subject to local regulations, the company respects the freedom of all employees to form and participate in trade unions and collective bargaining.

  • Health and Safety

    Occupational safety, Public and Industrial Hygiene

    We strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations to effective control the risk source of safety and health so as to provide employees a healthy and safe environment for working and living. We make sure the drinking water, sanitation facilities, fire-fighting equipment, lighting and ventilation are complied with regulatory requirements. In addition, appropriate measures will be taken to minimize the risks in working environment. Health examination and training will be taken regularly.

    Emergency Response

    The company establish safety organization and emergency teams to draw up emergency plan and to provide training about safety knowledge as well as emergency plan to related person. Emergency facilities and equipment shall be equipped according to regulations. Manoeuvre will be taken regularly to make sure the effectiveness of the emergency plan.

  • Environment Protection

    Observe regulations and save resources

    We strictly observe the relevant regulations to acquire, maintain and update regularly the environmental permit, approval documents as well as registration certificates. We deal with solid waste legally and control the use of hazardous chemicals.

    To ensure that all the environmental indicators meet the standards of laws and regulations, we increase the investment on energy conservation and emission reduction and attach more importance to technical reform. We abandon outdated production facilities and technology and stick to cleaning production to improve the increase the utilization of resources and to reduce the emissions of pollutants.

    We make scientific and feasible emergency plan for environmental emergencies, organize emergency manoeuvre to make sure that the environment is safe.

    Green Product

    We strictly abide by laws and regulations in respect of prohibiting or restricting certain substances and the demand of our clients. We control strictly the purchasing and production to make sure our products meet the requirements of green environment.

    Mitigate and adapt to climate change

    We track and record the energy consumption and greenhouse gases in certain working environments to try to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions so as to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

  • Morals Norm

    We observe laws and regulations, business operation mode, manners and customs in different countries where our business

     develop. When morals norm, manners and customs, laws and regulations conflict with our idea, the company will stick to our 

    morals norm.

    Integrity Management

    We follow the highest standard of integrity when doing business. Any bribery, corruption, racketeering and embezzlement are 


    Information Disclosure

    We publish the information of commercial activity, organizational structure, financial condition and performance according to

    applicable regulations and industry practice. All the information should be examined and verified by financial department and 

    legal department to make sure they are accurate and complete.

    Intellectual Property

    We respect intellectual property and attach great importance to information security protection. It is forbidden to leak the

    classified information of company, clients, suppliers and employees.

    Fair trade, advertising and competition

    We strictly abide by fair competition law and antitrust law. It is forbidden for any of our employees to manipulate, use privilege

    or other unfair ways to gain unfair benefits. The company sticks to fair trade as well as advertising and competition standards.

    Protection of Identity and Non-Retaliation

    Programs that ensure the confidentiality, anonymity and protection of supplier and employee whistleblowers are to be maintained, 

    unless prohibited by law. 


    We commit to protecting the reasonable privacy expectations of personal information of everyone they do business with, 

    including suppliers, customers, consumers and employees.

TINNO reserves the right to interpret this statement.