Honest Cultural Construction

“3-No” principle:
“No gift, No share and No gamble” for and with the personnel of Tinno.
  • No gift

    No gift

    means that no gifts, monetary gifts, securities, etc. are provided for the personnel of Tinno. Specifically, gifts refer to the articles worthy of above RMB 0; money gifts refer to the payment vouchers able to be encashed including cash, check, draft, account book and bank card; securities refer to the consumptive gift cards and cash coupons in various forms including stock, bond, shopping card and coupon, catering card and coupon and traffic coupon.
  • No share

    No share

    means that no share in any form can be provided for the staff of Tinno.
  • No gamble

    No gamble

    means that no gamble in any form with the staff of Tinno is allowed.

Complaint report

Way to report anti-clean operation acts: