The Tinno IP team was listed among the 2022 top 50 Chinese outstanding corporate legal teams

Recently, China's famous IPR media "IPR Daily" released the 2nd "Top 50 Chinese Outstanding Legal Teams" list, and the   IP team of Tinno was nominated together with legal teams of Alibaba, China Resources, Procter & Gamble (China), Ping An Insurance, etc. under its excellent professional skills.

The evaluation criteria were based on the statistical analysis of objective data such as the quantity and quality of                trademarks, patents, and copyrights managed by the team, the number of litigation cases, the winning rate and typical        cases, etc. After several rounds of evaluation, 50 outstanding legal teams were selected and Tinno was among them.


The IP team of Tinno is responsible for the review of legal documents all over the world, legal consultation and training, as well as matters related to compliance and IP management. Through comprehensively managing legal and IP risks, the team acts like an escort of the company’s domestic and overseas businesses. In 2022, the team handled several patent     litigations for the company's brand business, involving regions such as Germany, the United States, and China, all of which can effectively control the risk. The team is also engaged in the patent risk exclusion of products and provides design         detour solutions. By digging and applying for many high-value patents in specific innovation areas, the team effectively      contributes to the company's business development.