Airshow China Live broadcast,accelerate the HD video broadcast era with TINNO 5G mmWave equipment

On November 13, the 14th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition came to an end in Zhuhai. During the six-day exhibition, in order to enable users to enjoy the visual feast of ultra high definition air show without leaving home, Guangdong Radio and Television Station provided a 4K high 

definition live broadcast with Jaguar Wave under TINNO, which brought audio-visual shock to the audience.


In this air show, Guangdong Radio and Television Station used JW-PTP6150, a Jaguar Wave 5G millimeter wave transmission equipment owned by 

TINNO, as the wireless return channel of 4K high definition live video stream. JW-PTP6150 adopted 60GHz high frequency millimeter wave with 

ultra large bandwidth, and realized wireless ultra high speed transmission of front-end video data up to 1.8 Gbps between filming locations and program direction stations with distance of more than 300 meters, which provided important wireless communication technical support for the final presentation of high definition, smooth and stable live broadcast.


Through TINNO 5G millimeter wave equipment transmission scheme, media reporters can connect cameras with base stations through wireless networks 

in different positions and angles in the air show hall, and return various wonderful moments in real time from multiple angles, thus realizing multi-angle 

high definition live broadcast and providing diversified exhibition experiences for the audience.


From 2K to 8K, from analog to digital, from standard definition to ultra high definition, continuously iterative video technology needs greater bandwidth, stronger computing power and lower storage cost to realize transmission and loading. At the production and broadcasting level, ultra high definition live 

broadcast of radio, television and streaming media especially needs ultra large bandwidth to support multi-line, wireless and real-time video return. The 

high speed of 5G millimeter wave can realize 4K multi-frequency and multi-angle transmission and sharing, and the network connection of high-density 

crowd venues, but still has ultra high transmission bandwidth, ultra low delay and high reliability.


Jaguar Wave is a holding subsidiary of TINNO Mobile. Since its establishment, it has been committed to the research of 5G millimeter wave technology 

and the R&D of related products. With advanced millimeter wave antenna and RF module design, millimeter wave system integration development and 

millimeter wave test technology, the millimeter wave wireless transmission equipment launched has wireless data transmission capability with 

ultra high speed, ultra low delay and strong anti-interference, which can solve the pain points such as low transmission rate, large image delay and 

insufficient definition existing in the current 4K/8K ultra high definition wireless live video, and help to promote the comprehensive implementation of 

4K/8K ultra high definition wireless live video in the radio and television industry. In addition, Jaguar Radio 5G millimeter wave equipment is not only 

used in live media broadcast, but also widely used in transportation hub, office internal network, fixed mobile access, industrial Internet and other fields.