TINNO 5G Project Was Granted the Smooth Mass Production Award by TRANSSION Group

In the afternoon of October 13, the award ceremony for the smooth mass production of TINNO & TRANSSION 5G project was held in TINNO Building. 

The R&D Director of TRANSSION Foreign Research Department and representatives such as TINNO Executive Vice President, SPDT Head and Director of TRANSSION Business Department attended the event.


During the implementation of the 5G project, there were unfavorable conditions, such as stuck project device model selection, attacked environment in 

the yellow zone, and unable to use normally for one week. However, through the joint efforts of both teams, various difficulties were overcome, making 

the achievement rate of each acceptance node of the two 5G project software reach 100% eventually, and the hardware problems were controlled 

within 40, and fully solved without residue, which finally promoted the smooth mass production of 5G projects.

In the awarding session, the person in charge of TRANSSION Foreign Research Purchase Department delivered a speech. She thanked TINNO for its 

contribution to the 5G project, stating that TINNO team was very powerful, and expected that TINNO would continue this momentum in other projects in 

the future, so that both sides can achieve win-win cooperation. The R&D Director of TRANSSION Foreign Research Department presented the trophy 

to TINNO as an award presenter, and Susan, Head of TINNO SPDT, received the award on behalf of the company. Then, the Manager of TRANSSION 

Purchase Department presented gifts to the representatives of TINNO R&D, delivery, factory, quality, manufacturing and purchase teams and they took 

a group photo.


Thanks for TRANSSION's recognition of TINNO, and hope that both sides could promote and deepen cooperation through exchanges in more fields. In the future, TINNO will continue to join hands with global technology enterprises to bring high-quality products to users.