TINNO Was on the List of Top 300 in Guangdong Province

On October 12, 2022, Guangdong Provincial Federation of Enterprises and Guangdong Provincial Association of Entrepreneurs held a press conference on the study of the Top 500 enterprises in Guangdong in Guangzhou in 2022, officially releasing the Development Report of 2022 Top 500 

Enterprises in Guangdong to the public, and at the same time releasing the list of 2022 Top 500 Enterprises in Guangdong, Top 100 Private 

Enterprises in Guangdong, Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises in Guangdong and Top 100 Service Enterprises in Guangdong. TINNO was on the 

list, ranking No. 172 among 2022 Top 500 Enterprises in Guangdong, No. 85 among Top 100 Private Enterprises in Guangdong and No. 80 

among Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises in Guangdong.


As a leading enterprise in intelligent terminal manufacturing, TINNO continued to expand R&D reserves and manufacturing scale in the first half of the 

year, gave full play to its overall management and control capabilities from R&D to manufacturing, integrated upstream and downstream resources, and 

continued to deepen cooperation with international first-line operators and big brand customers; at the same time, it further increased investment in research and development of 5G and millimeter wave technologies, mastered key core technologies and capabilities, and achieved positive results. Recently, 

TINNO has been listed as Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises in China, Top 500 Private Manufacturing Enterprises in China and Top 500 

Enterprises in Shenzhen.