TINNO consecutively included in the Top 100 Electronics and Information Enterprises for 2022

On the afternoon of September 2nd, Secretary general of the China Federation of Electronics and Information Industry, Gao Sumei, released at the 2022 World Digital Economy Conference and the Main Forum of the 12th Smart City and Intelligent Economy Expo, the Report on Competitiveness of Electronics and Information Enterprises in 2022 and the List of  Top 100 Enterprises for 2022. 


The Report on Competitiveness of Electronics and Information Enterprises in 2022 is based on the enterprises’ operational data for the 

year 2021. By applying the exponential model and combining expert review, the Report is considered highly authoritative in the electronics and 

information sector. The Top 100 enterprises for 2022 are greater in scale, higher in efficiency, developing faster in foreign trade, stronger in R&D capabilities, and offering greater contributions.


Over the past few years, Tinno continued to invest in R&D, proactively expand market and clients to the point where its business scope now covers mobile phones, tablets, and their accessories, intelligent hardware, 5G millimeter-wave transmission devices, establishing a pattern that is 

diversified but with specialty. As Tinno beefs up its cooperation with operators in North America and first-tier international brands, and 

establishes partnerships with top-notch Chinese enterprises, it has gained universal recognition from clients with its premium products and 

services. According to the authoritative market analyst, Counterpoint, Tinno’ODM/IDH shipment of mobile phones in 2021 grew by 36% year-on-year.

As an enterprise committed to becoming a “soulful ODM” manufacturer and designer of mobile terminals, Tinno will strive to 

consolidate its advantageous position in ID design and CMF development, work on creating premium products and service capabilities, step up 

its partnership with clients, and continue to contribute to the innovative development of China’s electronic and information industry in a 

pragmatic and robust manner.