Tinno Group certified by IECQ QC080000:2017 for the first time

Recently, Tinno Group successfully passed the certification by IECQ QC0800002017. This not only marks that Tinnos production processes and 

products have reached the required certification standard but also demonstrates its performance of social responsibility for environmental 



In order to improve customer satisfaction, demonstrate Tinnos resolution for environmental protection and sustainable development, and fulfill 

its promises for controlling hazardous substances, Tinno began to implement the IECQ QC0800002017 management process for hazardous 

substances in May 2021. Over the past year, Tinno has planned and established a complete management process covering the identification and 

control of hazardous substances, and their control methods, R&D process management, and supplier management.

Since this July, the Company invited experts from third-party review and certification agencies to the headquarters for auditing. Through a series of review procedures, the experts concluded the corporate-level process management system for hazardous substances was established in 

accordance with IECQ QC 0800002017, and that its quality policy, quality objectives, and capacity for continuous improvement conform to the 

certification standard. The experts, therefore, announced that Tinno had successfully passed the certification of IECQ QC 0800002017 and 

recommended that a certification certificate be issued.


Being certified by IECQ QC 0800002017 is one of the greatest milestones for the Company. With this opportunity, Tinno sets to construct 

environmentally friendly projects and production, reduce the risks of excessive hazardous substances, improve product quality and 

competitiveness, in order to provide quality products and services for clients, and offer strong guarantee for the sustainable development of the 



IECQ IECQ QC 080000: 2017: known as the IECQ QC 080000 Hazardous Substance Process Management in full (HSMP for short)

IECQ QC 0800002017 is the process control management for hazardous substances in electronic and electrical products and components. QC stands for the internal 

technical standard number of IEC. IEC is one of the top three authoritative international standardization agencies in the world, responsible for the development of international standards in the electronic and electrical domain.

Significance of the IECQ QC 0800002017 certification:

① Reducing testing costs and management costs of suppliers

② Reducing the risk of breaching laws or directives.

③ Proving the effectiveness of the corporate management system for hazardous substances

④ Demonstrating respect for nature and the corporate sustainable development strategies

⑤ Meeting customers demands, improving their satisfaction and trust.