TINNO Won the Best Quality Award in the First Half of 2022 Issued by Lenovo Group

Recently, because of the excellent after-sales quality performance in Moto G51 5G/Cyprus 5G project, Tinno won the Best Quality Award in the first half of 2022 from Lenovo Group. In order to reward the outstanding contribution and hard work of the project team members, Evan, product quality director of Motorolas mobile phone business, presented the trophy to the project team through video, and MDSC VP Richard Zhang of Lenovo Group congratulated and encouraged the project team members through video.


As a long-term partner of Lenovo, Tinno insists on taking customers as the center and continuously adopts high-quality strategy. During the critical period of DVT mass production, even though there were many unfavorable factors such as tight schedule and epidemic interference, the members of the whole project team faced the difficulties, and completed the node plan with good quality and quantity. At the same time, Tinno balanced the relationship between delivery and schedule in all aspects of design, engineering and materials, and strictly controlled the quality, which made the Cyprus 5G project perform well in the market and obtain high customer satisfaction.

Lenovo MDSC VP Richard Zhang said in a Thank-you Letter that Tinno has been actively cooperating with Motorolas quality management and supervision, and strictly controlling the quality while ensuring the progress. Tinno made a comprehensive summary, so that the experience and lessons can be passed on well in both companies, and the project objectives can be achieved perfectly beyond expectations. Lenovo hereby encourages both parties to support the quality construction as always, and continue to carry forward the fine style, so as to successfully complete the quality delivery in the future.


Thanks to Lenovo Group for its recognition of Tinno. In the future, Tinnog will continue to adhere to the high-quality strategy, aiming at continuously improving customer satisfaction, and work hand in hand with customers to achieve win-win development, so as to better serve global technology brand customers and empower the global technology industry!