Public Welfare

Tinno Donates Supplies to Frontline Covid Control Workers of Xili Community to Fight against Covid

On July 29, Tinnos delegates visited Xili Community, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, and extend their regards to the Covid control workers at the frontline by donating supplies worth 30,000 yuan to help them fight against Covid.


Since the beginning of July, the Covid situation in Shenzhen has been inconstant. As the number of new confirmed cases and asymptomatic carriers continued to rise, the anti-covid workload surged. The once-in-a-decade heatwave in Shenzhen drove the ground temperatures in many locations above 60. Anti-covid workers at the frontline have to put up with long hours under such heat in protective overalls.

Tinno Mansion, the headquarters of Tinno, is located on Xiandong Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. In addition to more than 2000 Tinno employees who work here, the Mansion is also home to more than 60 companies and their employees. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the Xili Subdistrict Office arranged frontline anti-covid workers and volunteers to establish fixed nucleic acid testing booths near Tinno Mansion, which provided great convenience for the office workers in Tinno Mansion and nearby. 


The supplies donated by Tinno Group include herbal tea, sports drinks, porridge, instant noodles, etc., which are to be distributed to the frontline anti-covid workers through Xili Community. Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Nanshan District Peoples Congress, Bao Changhan, Associate Researcher at Nanshan District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Xu Feng, Level-IV Researcher at Nanshan District Peoples Congress, Liao Xuebin, and Secretary of Xili Community, Chen Liru, attended the donation ceremony and expressed their thanks to Tinno Group.


Tang Bishu, Tinnos representative, said: We truly appreciate the hard efforts of the frontline anti-covid workers. As an enterprise, we would also like to contribute to the fight against Covid-19, help Xili Community, and express our regards to the frontline workers. I am convinced that with solidarity and determination, we will eventually overcome the pandemic.