Public Welfare

TINNO donating N95 masks to Yibin Charity Association

On September 16, Magic Communication Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-own subsidiary of Tinno, donated 110,000 N95 masks to Yibin Charity Association to help the 

city fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.



Since the outbreak in September, the districts of Yibin have been put into lockdown due to the severe pandemic situation. Beginning on 

September 7th, the districts and counties of Yibin strengthened their pandemic prevention and control by offering off-scale nucleic acid testing in every residential community and factory. As of this day, Yibin has a total of 176 confirmed covid cases.

Director of the Board of Magic Communication Technology Co., Ltd., Kuang Xifu, donated supplies to Yibin Charity Association on behalf of Tinno. The masks received will subsequently be distributed among the districts including Cuiping District, Xuzhou District, Sanjiang New District, etc.


To win the battle, Tinno will stay updated on the situation as it fights the pandemic and overcomes the hardship!