Public Welfare

Tinno Donated 200,000 Yuan to Improve the Education Environment of Schools in Wenfu Town

Last December, Tinno Mobile Technology Corp donated 200,000 Yuan to Kengtou Primary School, Chuangzhao School and Fengjia Memorial Junior High School in Wenfu Town, Jiaoling County, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province to improve their education environment through Shenzhen Nanshan Charity Federation.


Before that, Tinno found out that these schools had insufficient campus greening, outdated teaching equipments, dim classroom lightings and no fans.


But now, with the help of Tinno, they have all kinds of facilities in good condition. And they’ve sent us some photos. Let's see what’s new!

Tinno Helped Kengtou Primary School with Their Campus Greening Rejuvenation and Cultural Wall Building


Tinno Donated All-in-One PC for Teaching to Chuangzhao School


Tinno helped Fengjia Memorial Junior High School to build a new flag raising platform, improve classroom lightings, install some new fans and past non-slip strips on stairs, etc.


As one of the top 100 manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong Province, Tinno always kept firmly in mind to shoulder its social responsibility while vigorously developing itself.


Therefore, Tinno took targeted measures in poverty alleviation, adhered to COVID-19 prevention and control methods, and always played a positive role in social charity and public welfare.

Especially, Tinno payed great attention to China's rural education by attaching importance to the teaching environment of schools and the educaiton and growth of poor students.


Over the years, Tinno has insisted on carrying out the student assistance program in Henan Province, Jiangxi Province, Guangdong Province and other places by donating facilities to local schools, and organizing employees to help lots of poor students return to school in a one-on-one way.