Tinno signed SEP global license agreement with Korea LG

After four years of patent litigation and negotiations with Korea LG Electronics, Tinno Mobile recently signed a license agreement on Standard Essential Patents (SEP) for LTE communication technology.

LG unilaterally filed a lawsuit against Tinno Mobile's European brand unit in Germany in 2018 for three LTE patents. Tinno Mobile and its European subsidiary carried out non-infringement and invalid corresponding litigation. While mutual proceedings were taking place, the two sides had started business negotiations and successively several rounds of interviews in France、Korea and China, etc.

Although since 2020 the global outbreak of COVID-19 had a certain impact on the negotiations, through joint efforts of both parties, they finally reached a settlement and signed a worldwide licensing agreement on the standard essential patents of LTE communication technology, and both parties ended all pending lawsuits by withdrawing.

As always, Tinno fully respects intellectual property rights, and is willing to negotiate technology license with relevant patentees through cooperative negotiation with the principle of "fairness, rationality and non-discrimination", so as to provide high-quality products and services to consumers side by side with the world's leading technology innovators.