Tinno Wuji Industrial Park in SZ Pingshan starts building

On the afternoon of November 27th, the foundation laying ceremony of Tinno Mobiles Wuji Industrial Park was held in Pingshan, Shenzhen, marking that Tinno's new comprehensive industrial park project with a total investment of more than 500 million yuan officially entered the engineering construction stage.


Tinno Wuji Industrial Park covers an area of 29 acres with a total construction area of 100,000㎡, the park includes complex industrial manufacturing、 comprehensive office area and Tinno's global general storage base, which is planned to be completed within two years. After completion, the park will further enhance the modernization level of Tinno's supply chain, which can meet the annual terminal cargo throughput of 90 million units, and therefore meet the growing storage and logistics needs of Tinno.


The overall shape of the building adopts the drop back desktop design, creating an ecological office space with balcony layer upon layer, creating a more comfortable environment for the people in it, which is very in line with today's environmental office concept.



So far, Tinno already had two large-scale manufacturing base and a comprehensive park, respectively Jiangxi Nanchang Maxon industrial park、Guangdong Heyuan Maxon industrial park and Tinno southwest 5G R & D center. With wuji industrial park construction in Shenzhen, all parks will play a better collaborative mechanism, help Tinno better service to the global technology brand customers, empower the global technology industry !