Jaguar Wave won IDI /Top 10 Digital Tech Innovative Products/Solutions Awards

Recently, the 2023DTWORLD International Digital Technology Leadership Summit /IDI Award·Award Ceremony, hosted by Shenzhen Artificial                Intelligence Industry Association, Greater Bay Area Industry Innovation Service Center and Greater Bay Area Digital Technology Industry Alliance, was    grandly held in Shenzhen. The summit invited heads of relevant government departments in the Greater Bay Area, benchmark entrepreneurs/business and   academic leaders in the field of digital technologyetc., deeply discussed the new development opportunities brought by digital technology driven by        "Industrial digitalization and Digital industrialization" in the context of "Digital China", and held the IDI Award Ceremony at the meeting.



With the millimeter-wave wireless optical fiber transmission equipment PTP61XX series and the train data wireless high-speed dumping solution, Jaguar  Wave under TINNO won the Top 10 Digital Technology Innovation Products/Solution Award. The award is based on "technological innovation, practicality and market influence, user experience and product design, sustainable development" as the selection criteria, and is selected by well-known experts and      scholars, authoritative figures in the industry and mainstream media for impartial, authoritative and professional selection.


The outdoor millimeter-wave wireless optical fiber transmission equipment PTP61XX series developed and designed by Jaguar Wave provides a reliable    solution for outdoor wireless networks. The equipment has the advantages of low cost, easy installation, high bandwidth and stable transmission, and is not susceptible to interference from other wireless frequency bands, adapts to various complex environments, provides a safe and stable transmission                experience, and saves additional equipment costs. At the same time, with the combination of advanced features such as carrier-grade performance, low        latency, high link throughput and high security, it supports a variety of short-haul connectivity, network expansion and backhaul applications.


PTP61XX series can be used for wireless high-speed dumping of train data with on-board millimeter wave equipment, responsible for wireless                    communication between trains and grounds, providing a high-bandwidth, low-latency, safe and stable communication network, ensuring that when the        train enters the depot for parking, the data is quickly uploaded to the data center, the whole process is safe and reliable, without manual intervention, and    the maximum transmission rate exceeds 1.7Gbps.


Since its establishment, Jaguar Wave has been committed to the research of millimeter wave wireless communication technology and actively explores in    rail transit, smart city, XR, smart factory, etc., bringing customers simple and easy-to-use millimeter wave wireless networking solutions, helping customers open up high-speed and secure information transmission channels and helping enterprises in digital transformation.