TINNO Building won the "Green Property Management Evaluation Mark"

On October 13, 2023, at the "Green Property Management Development Forum" held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, TINNO Building was awarded the "Green Property Management Evaluation Mark". 微信图片_20231013145917.jpg

Exploring green development and supporting green living

As an enterprise that actively practices ESG standards, TINNO has been conscientiously implementing the operation concept of sustainable          development, using scientific management, energy-saving transformation and behavior guidance to improve the building environment, and            creating a comfortable, environmentally friendly and efficient green life for employees and settled enterprises!

Green facilities 

In order to use energy scientifically, the management team uses water and electricity reasonably, purchases water-saving irrigation systems, water-saving toilets, water-saving appliances, etc., and replaces parking lot and fire staircase lighting with induction LED lights, saving an average of     30% energy compared to before; The green landscape adopts solar energy energy-saving lamps, which empower green development through            technology!


Low-carbon O&M 

According to the change of outdoor ambient temperature, open the water-cooled central air conditioning unit in the four seasons of spring,             summer, autumn and winter and holidays, and control the opening time of floodlighting, and use the fresh air handling unit and window               ventilation in the transition season to introduce fresh air with a relatively low outdoor temperature, so as to reduce indoor temperature, improve    air quality, and meet the needs of indoor temperature.


Livable environment 

Establish a continuous plan for environmental management and conduct regular reviews. Including the management and control of sanitation,       garbage classification, green planting and four pest to ensure that the project site environment is clean and tidy.


Behavioral guidance 

Energy-saving signs, green development slogans, etc. should be posted in public areas to guide employees and settled enterprises to live a green    life; To enhance their awareness of green development and ecological protection, and transform resource advantages into green development         advantages through community activities such as energy saving, water saving, garbage classification, environmental greening, pollution               prevention and control.


In the future, TINNO will take advantage of the momentum, continue to make efforts, fully integrate energy saving and emission reduction into     the ESG development strategy, continuously improve the company's sustainable development work, and strive to be the "Carbon peaking and       carbon neutrality" pioneer in the electronic manufacturing industry!