First batch of self-developed AOI+ intelligent inspection equipment of TINNO Group was launched

Based on customer needs, its own big data application and intelligent manufacturing experience, TINNO Automation Technical Committee (ATC) has recently independently developed and launched the HuiTong series AOI+ intelligent inspection equipment, which is used to solve the quality abnormalities caused by manual operation errors, omissions and mixing in the production line, so as to make up for the lack of manual testing. At present, they have been put into batch use in the three major production bases of manufacturing modules under the group, after a period of debugging and operation, the relevant technical indicators have reached the design target value of "straight-through rate>99%, false detection rate <1%, and missed detection rate is zero", compared with manual inspection, the missed inspection defective outflow is 0, and the efficiency increased by 70%.


Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) is an automated equipment that uses optical principles combined with visual algorithms for quality inspection. Under normal circumstances, 3C products rely on manual inspection of the quality of assembly, and there may be risks of wrong detection and missed inspection. While AOI technology has the advantages of automation, high efficiency, high precision, non-destructive inspection, etc. , which can replace manual inspection of quality problems, such as missing of screws, missing of waterproof sticker/rubber sleeve/shrapnel/dust cotton/label, offset or breakage, device offset, plug head installation not in place, etc.


With the introduction of Industry 4.0 and the popularization of intelligent automation equipment in recent years, many manufacturing companies have begun to introduce AOI automatic inspection equipment to gradually replace manual operations. Although there are many AOI devices on the market today, there are still many pain points. "For example, there are often thorny problems such as equipment upgrades and iterations, and after-sales maintenance; In addition, the price of each online rail-mounted equipment is more than 100,000 yuan, and the equipment within 50,000 yuan either only has partial detection functions, or the technical indicators cannot meet the requirements of the project, or does not have functions such as bar code recognition and automatic binding.” Wei Xuehong, chief engineer of TINNO Manufacturing Module Engineering Technology, said.


TINNO Group has three production bases and an annual manufacturing capacity of 60 million mobile terminal electronic devices, which enables it to understand the needs and pain points of manufacturing better than most equipment suppliers; At the same time, TINNO has its own professional team in hardware design and software algorithms, and has established in-depth cooperative relations with a number of visual component suppliers, which provide a solid foundation for TINNO to develop AOI equipment.


Under the leadership of TINNO Automation Technical Committee, after more than two months of R&D and testing, TINNO's mass-produced version of self-developed AOI+ automatic detection equipment came into being. Yang Qing, development manager of TINNO Advanced Automation Equipment in charge of the AOI+ inspection equipment project, said: "Through independent R&D, the procurement cost of AOI equipment has been reduced by more than 50%, and the efficiency of the new equipment has been increased by more than 70% compared with manual inspection.”


Wang Guojian, Executive Director of TINNO Automation Technology Committee, said: "The goal of TINNO ATC's work is to realize automation, interconnection and intelligence step by step, for which ATIT has developed an automated Robot Control System (RCS), which provides a unified interface platform for the access and management of automation equipment, this system is the infrastructure to realize the industrial Internet, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of automation equipment development and interconnection interaction, improve the introduction efficiency and flexibility of equipment upgrades. AOI+ intelligent detection software is also developed and iterated based on this platform. ”


TINNO Group attaches great importance to the upgrading of automation and set up a cross-module "Automation Technology Committee" last year, aiming to promote the company's automation and intelligent upgrade by integrating superior technologies such as manufacturing, network technology, data analysis, cloud storage and industrial interconnection, etc. and using digital tools; Currently, more than 300 people have participated in the upgrade of intelligent manufacturing and automation systems in the end-to-end whole chain of TINNO product line. The launch of self-developed AOI+ equipment is only the first step of TINNO to promote automation, in the future, TINNO will continue to increase exploration and research in the field of automation and intelligence, and invest more energy in the research of technologies such as automatic testing in the R&D and quality certification stage, automatic handling of factory AGV, automatic assembly and testing, 3D inspection, digital twin, etc. so as to improve the industrial automation level of TINNO Group, thereby promoting the innovation and upgrading of China's intelligent manufacturing!