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Guangdong Maxon CPC Branch and CYL Committee bring love to the countryside

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On the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day, in order to further carry forward the Chinese nation traditional virtues of

 respecting, loving and respecting the elderly, and to convey concern and love, on September 29, representatives of Guangdong Maxon

 CPC Branch and CYL Committee went to the countryside to express their concern and love to the countryside in Waxi town.

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A carefully selected gift box not only represents the greetings of the festival, but also carries a kind of care for special groups. On this 

special day, they were surprised and happy about our arrival. The villagers' joy was expressed in their words, and their faces were full of 

sense of gain and happiness. In the process of visiting and talking, the old people were very moved and grateful for the Communist 

Party of China's care for them all the time.

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This charity action reflects the long-term social responsibility of Guangdong Maxon CPC Branch and CYL Committee . Warmth is never

absent, and we hope that their life will become better because of our existence.