Public Welfare

TINNO Helps Unsalable Mangoes Become Salable

2020 marks the final year of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and winning the battle against poverty. 

TINNO actively responds to the call of the government for counterpart assistance and carries out targeted poverty alleviation 

in Baise, Guangxi.



Tianyang in Baise, is the largest mango producing area in China as well as the first mango hometown. This year, affected by the 

COVID-19, channels between production and marketing of mango in Tianyang were blocked, which seriously affected the 

income of local farmers. These mangoes were supposed to be the fruits of hope for a bumper harvest, but now they have 

become "hot potato" in the hands of fruit farmers. After learning about the situation, in June this year, through Poverty 

Alleviation 832 platform, TINNO purchased more than 1000 cartons (over 2500kg mangoes) from an agricultural company in

Tianyang, Guangxi, as the welfare gifts of the Dragon Boat Festival for its employees. Poverty alleviation activities by boosting

sales were actively carried out, and it effectively helped farmers out of the unsalable predicament.



As one of the top 100 industrial enterprises in Shenzhen, TINNO continues to take corporate responsibility, helping to win the

 battle of poverty alleviation, and contributing its best efforts. Previously, TINNO reached out its helping hand to Dingpo village,

Debao County in Baise by counterpart assistance and donated 500,000 yuan for targeted poverty alleviation to help rural 

revitalization. Through poverty alleviation by boosting sales, this activity solved the sales problems for some fruit farmers, and 

made a real contribution to helping Baise to win the fight against poverty with practical actions, and passed on the positive 

social energy.