Happy Fifteen Lantern Festival

The fifteen Lantern Festival are booming celebration once a year.

Will be better than last year.

Lantern Festival also called small Lunar new year,which is the first important festival after Spring Festival.There are various customs at different places around the whole country due to China belongs to vast land and long historical standing, the important ones including eating Yuanxiao,enjoying Laterns and performing lion and dragon dances.


We are certainly without expection,Let's have a look at our guys how to celebrate the Lantern Festival.

 Eating Yuanxiao 

Tangyuan? Yuanxiao? Fragrant and delicious,It means reunion,happyness,perfectly satisfactory whatever Tangyuan or Yuanxiao.


 Enjoy watching festival lantern and guess lantern riddles 

Let's watch festival lanterns and guess lantern riddles after eatting sweet Tangyuan. The more difficult the riddles,the bigger brain hole.What a merry that the Tinno's programmers and engineers brought the prizes home after guessing the riddles.

The pictures absolutely are not enough.Please press the vidoes strongly and get more happyness.

Wish guys happy year of Ox.