Quality Department sail and ride forth on the waves

One year have passed again, There are some difference that the Quality module hold an Annual Work Summary and Staff Recognition Conference at internal meeting room compared to last years due to the epidemic.


Recalled back 2020, This was a year of struggle,growth and harvest, which had   left moving and  harvest. In the new year, It hopes us work hard to move forward. Let’s relive the good  time together.


The new year is being with new outlook, new start and new journey. Let’s take  photograph of the whole team members of quality module.


What an amazing of new year of our clothes.


The leader of quality module, Andy brought us recall the 2020’s big events, which were including accomplishments that overcome the challenge as well as renegotiation and conclusion, meanwhile, publicizing and implementing the key point of 2021’s overall work, latest qualitative strategy, annual target, qualitative management mechanism. Meanwhile, he transferred the sprint of meeting to us,who also confirmed and appreciated the last year’s industrious work and give us best wishes for new year.


The effort of the colleagues would be paid off sooner or later, who had accompanied and moved forward  with Tinno together totally 10 years.What quarterly and annual awards are coming as expected that involved in rewards for individual and teamwork, who are the benchmark of company,the interpreter of Tinno’s culture and even are the excellent half of quality department.

 Let’s witness the style of represent of quality department that made so many contribution and outstanding achievements for Tinno.

7.png Outstanding represent of quality department at Q3,2020.


(Excellent represent of quality department at Q4,2020.)


(Outstanding annual represent of quality department at 2020.)


The first half meeting was covered by crisp and strong applause while the second half meeting turned into mutual activity site that was covered by the exciting scream. 


Yeah, exactly, it started to rain with continuous red envelope. All of us had got ready to grab the red envelope. Let’s take a look how fast to grab them we have.


The lottery draw is also another important activity except for red envelope rain. Fighting!


All that filled with happiness on the face enjoyed the whole process of activity whatever if they got the red envelope or rewards at last.


What the moments that made us gather with a grateful heart, shared the experience of the whole year, felt grateful at 2020,also sailed again and looked into the future and advanced bravely at 2021.


Saluted to all of us happy new year, good health and lucky in the OX year.