Tinno trademark selected into 2021 Guangdong key trademark protection

On April 25th, the key Trademark Protection Committee of Guangdong Trademark Association reviewed and approved 2021    yearly Key Trademark Protection List in Guangdong Province, among them, the two trademarks of Tinno Mobile "天珑" and    "TINNO" were successfully selected.


The Key Trademark Protection list provides key protection to those registered trademarks that enjoyhigh popularity, 

possess great market influence,easy to be infringed and counterfeited but need enhance protection to have them timely inclusion of list,  which is conducive to cracking down on trademark infringement and providing strong guarantee for brand construction.


Trademark is an important symbol for an enterprise brand to obtain legal protection through relevant systems. This time          Tinno mobile trademark was selected into the Key Trademark Protection list in Guangdong Province, it is not only reflects the  high recognition of the brand by relevant units and the public, but also reflects the strategic management and high protection  awareness of the brand construction of Tinno Mobile.