Tinno is on the billboard of Top 100 enterprises of Chinese Electronic information industry.

Recently, The China Information Technology Industry Federation issued the competitiveness report of Chinese Electronic information industry and the list of top 100 enterprises base on the comprehensive evaluation such as revenue, benefit quality, innovation ability, Leading role,ect.


The role of the list of top 100 enterprises of Chinese Electronic information industry is used to make comprehensive evaluation for the scale of enterprise ,benefit quality, technology and R&D, responsibility based on the statistics annual report of the electronic information industry under the instruction of  MIIT.

The target of evaluation is to select the world's famous and innovative enterprises, which is  full of  authority and  have been held  the 35th.

Tinno recently had been positively recognized for the development and also got rewards of top 500 enterprise at Guangdong Province, manufacturing industry top 100 at Guangdong Province, Top 100 companies on tax contribution at Nanshan District,ect last year.

Tinno  also expended the business of internet of Things and Millimeter Wave Technology postively recent years, sparing no effort to increase investment on R&D, expending to moblie, tablet PC,intelligent hardware and 5G millimeter wave transmission device,ect. The revenue of half year of 2021 increased 103.41% compared to the same period of last year.

In the future, Tinno will continue to deeply devoted into ODM  and Millimeter Wave Technology feild, leading technology , continuous innovation and promote the development of industry,make anything possible.