Tinno has cooperated with Lenovo to shipped over 10 million mobile phones

On the morning of April 22, the commemoration ceremony for the milestone of 10 million shipments breakthrough in the cooperation between Tinno&Lenovo  was held in the Shenzhen office of Lenovo. Guan Jiannan, executive vice president of Tinno Mobile , and a number of executives including Lenovo supply chain director Zhang Lei attended the ceremony. 


The ceremony was relaxing and lively. Mr. Guan Jiannan, Executive Vice President of Tinno Mobile and Mr. Zhang Lei, Lenovo Supply Chain Director, cut the ribbon in a warm atmosphere to celebrate the breakthrough of 10 million shipments by Tinno & Lenovo. The 10 millionth phone ,which was extremely symbolic was packaged  and presented to Lenovo as a company gift by Mr .Guan. Subsequently, Mr. Guan and Mr. Zhang signed their signatures respectively, implying that the two sides cooperated in harmony and moved forward together.



After the ceremony, the two sides had a sincere exchange, discussed the problems that had appeared in project, and looked forward to the future cooperation and development.


The cooperation between Tinno and Lenovo started in 2019,the two have overcome many difficulties together along the way, especially after going through the complicated 2020, the cooperation has become closer and closer. 10 million shipments  are just a witness to the past achievements. It is believed that in the future, the cooperation between the two sides will achieve more fruitful results. Tinno will continue to think positively, embrace changes, and move forward with determination, open a new chapter for the cooperation and development of Lenovo and Tinno.