Public Welfare

Tianlong donated anti-epidemic materials worth 500,000 yuan

On March 21, Tinno Mobile donated 500,000 KN95 masks to the Red Cross Society of Jinjiang, Fujian to fight COVID-19.
At present, all the materials donated by Tinno have arrived in Jinjiang Red Cross society of Fujian province, and these materials will be distributed to frontline staffs and people in need by the Red Cross Society of Fujian.




Tinno, as one of Guangdong's top 100 manufacturing enterprises and Shenzhen's top 500 enterprises, While vigorously developing itself, which always bears its social responsibilities in mind. Since 2013, Tinno has rebuilt classrooms in typhoon-ravaged schools of Philippines, built dams in Thailand for local people to effectively use water, and donated funds to carry out targeted poverty alleviation. At the beginning of the epidemic, a large number of anti-epidemic materials were purchased from overseas to assist Jiangxi, and purchased plenty of mangoes from Guangxi which were unsalable because of the epidemic, besides over the years Tinno continued to go to many places such as Henan and Jiangxi,etc. to carry out charity education and donated materials to local schools. Tinno has never been absent on the road of charity.