TINNO Warriors Fought against with COVID-19 challenges

Even if the COVID-19 outbreak occurs

They were still proceed without hesitation.

They went to overseas to make sure project could go smoothly in production site

They were real "fighters"

"The most beautiful contrarian"

Pay tribute to TINNOers who dare to take responsibility!

Set Sail against the wind

At the end of July, Vietnam's COVID-19 broke out again, and more and more cases appeared. Vietnam VSM, as a new generation of TINNO overseas factory, two new projects of U3 series were facing trial production and mass production. Due to capacity demand, U1xx project also transfered some orders from Taiwan factory to Vietnam factory to increase capacity, which required trial production and mass production. Several projects were in parallel, the shipment task was tight, and all kinds of abnormalities occurred frequently in the factory every day. Due to the language barrier, and coordination problems ,it was very difficult to proceed normally.

At that time, the colleagues in charge of the Vietnam factory project were thinking about whether to support on-site or not? Go or not to go, it was not an easy decision. If you decideded to go, everything was unpredictable. It was hard to imagine whether foreign medical supplies were sufficient and whether epidemic prevention and control measures were in place. If not, working in China could at least ensure safety, but the progress of trial production and mass production for sure would be affected. It was urgent, and there is no time to repeatedly consider, after a short time of thinking, they decided to go!

On August 2, Heson from Quality team,Eric from Supply Chain team, Ping.liu and Feng.xu from R&D NPI, set out on their way to Vietnam factory. However, their journey was not so smooth. It took them three days to get to Hanoi, Vietnam, just from Shenzhen Nanning Youyi Pass.


Making overall plans and giving consideration to both epidemic prevention and work

During the 14 day quarantine period, people were isolated, but it could not affect the progress of trial production and the timeliness of abnormal handling. They used computers and mobile phones for real-time docking, timely sharing of materials, equipment and inspection methods information before trial production, daily messages reminder and "cloud" meeting communication in the room, all work were in an orderly manner.

Work together to fulfill the mission

From August to November,it was the shipment peak of North American customers. After the isolation, they entered the factory on August 20 and began to work together:colleagues from Planning were responsible for negotiating with the factory to expand the lines and followed up the complete set of materials; NPI colleagues were responsible for the abnormal analysis of the production process and internal handling; Quality colleagues were responsible for the correct implementation of standards and the improvement of defect detection rate. They were closely linked, efficient co-ordination, at the same time complementary cooperation, not only highlighted the professionalism, but also highlighted the overall force and timeliness, jointly solved the problem in the present, and eliminated the potential risks from the begining.



During the climbing stage of U102 dust point problem, the production line reported 50% of the dust point defect rate of the main and auxiliary screens, and the production line could not operate normally. Facing the shutdown, the quality and NPI confirmed the actual defect rate at the first time. Due to the poor grasp of the standard parameters and the inaccurate grasp of the production line operators, there was a certain proportion of misjudgment. After discussion with VSM, the on-site support team tested and marked the standard limit samples with professional tools for the production line inspection comparison, through our cooperation, the bad dust point in the screen dropped to 3% in a week.

In order to ensure the progress of trial production, they worked 18 hours a day, opened up the communication channel between the front and back end, and promoted the orderly development of various processes. Colleagues at the headquarters all said that since they arrived at the front line, they have given the back-end brothers a reassurance, and all problems have been solved much more smoothly.

Now, they have been stationed in Vietnam factory for more than 60 days. Two NPI colleagues have completed their work mission and returned home (isolation has just ended). Heson and Eric were still on site, who were the first group of overseas teams to go abroad to carry out project tasks since the COVID-19 outbreak in the world. They were the real "fighters" and "The most beautiful contrarian", accomplishing the mission and responsibility of TINNOers.