Riding the wind and breaking the waves, fighting for North America!

On November 28, it was still warm in Shenzhen, bright sunshine and soft breeze blowing, it was a good time to travel. As the most beautiful and classic coastline of Shenzhen, dongxichong is welcoming a group of TINNOers from Products, Sales, R&D, Delivery, Supply Chain, Quality and Shanghai R &D. we were full of vigor and youthful brilliance. Farewell to the busy work, we gathered together, facing the sun, facing the sea breeze, early arrived to the seaside, began to walk cross this most beautiful coastline!

Put down hard work, we came to the long lost nature, and we felt particularly comfortable. The coastline of Dongxichong is close to mountains and sea, with mountains, beaches, islands, reefs and sea eroded rocks. You could have a panoramic view of the blue sea, blue sky and vivid landscape, which were quite breath-taking.


There is no road in the world, but when more people go there, it becomes a road! During the hike, we were divided into several groups to help each other and made joint efforts. Although the terrain was steep and the rocks crisscrossed, these could not stop us from moving forward together.


With beautiful mountains and seas, waves were beating against rocks, but also because of our arrival, natural beauty were more lively! On this day, we experienced the scorching sun and climbed some steep hillsides together, but the laughter, mutual help and beautiful photos of each other made us forget the pain of our feet in those moments, and we only got beautiful mood, laughing, walking, communicating, encouragment and enjoying the moment.......


Hiking is like doing a project. Some colleagues were responsible for exploring the way, walking like flying, walking through numerous rock and sand roads, and reaching the destination in less than two hours. Some colleagues enjoyed the scenery while supporting each other on the road, advancing in an orderly way, and making step by step according to the goal. Finally, all the members have successfully reached the destination , Xichong beach.

Games brought us closer

After a little rest, we had a game interaction on the beach. The participants had to say the names of all the small partners. The seemingly simple game of self introduction not only let everyone relax a lot, but also let everyone know more about each other. In particular, it further shortened the distance between colleagues in Shanghai and Shenzhen, laying a foundation for better cooperation in the future.


It's about 10 kilometers from Dongchong to Xichong. Though it's a bit difficult to walk through the mountains and rivers, we still accomplished it ,relying on our perseverance and mutual help and encouragement from teammates! It is this spirit of mutual cooperation, not abandoning and not giving up, and the willpower of daring to take on the responsibility and achieving the mission that made us move forward hand in hand and witness this beautiful day.

Goodbye, dongxichong, let's smile, take away the harvest full of friendship, and return to the match point again. We believe that TINNO will make another success, and let’s make American MKT greater!!!