Unity Makes A Better Team-- North America Camera Team Building Review

Remarkable 2020 has passed half of its way within glimpse of time. In this unforgettable year, North American Camera team often sacrificed the weekend in order to catch up with the  project process, and were even busy with debugging in the laboratory at weekday nights. Hard work did pay off after all, and the friendship established in the work has been more sublimated in the two-day team building activities in Hangzhou in the golden autumn, blooming with bright light.


"The Qiantang River reaches Tonglu, with clean water and green mountains, and the paintings are not as good as those in Tonglu County". These two sentences in Tonglu County written by Wei Zhuang, a famous poet in Tang Dynasty, are the ancient poems that we are familiar with describing the prosperous scenery of Tonglu. Tonglu is located in the upper reaches of Qiantang River and the core of Fuchun River. The rivers and mountains are picturesque. Su Shi, a great writer of the Northern Song Dynasty, had a good reputation of "three Wu's traveling in thousands of mountains and rivers, and Tonglu is more beautiful than others".

Our first stop was the famous Yalu rafting in Tonglu. Jiangjunguan, where the drifting area is located, and it is a landscape of mountains and rivers based on the canyon landscape, with the connotation of the pass culture of the Southern Song Dynasty and the characteristics of cliffs, strange rocks, ancient bridges, streams and waterfalls. Surrounded by mountains on both sides, the slopes are full of green bamboos, trees, and flowing springs. The beautiful scenery of the mountain and the drifting activities complement each other.

The towering cliffs on both sides of the city become a natural barrier, isolating the city's troubles and making people feel comfortable. In the drifting of the original ecological Canyon, we were dazzled and excited by the coming torrent. We screamed one after another, and all kinds of laughter reflected our happy faces, rippling in the river. This exciting rafting trip made us fully feel the charm of nature, shorten the distance between us, return to nature after busy work, and feel the fun of playing in the water.

As night fell, after tasting Hangzhou delicious dinner, we came to the famous G20 light show scenic spot in Hangzhou. Qianjiang New Town light show is a new city card of Hangzhou after the G20 summit in Hangzhou, China in 2016. The total duration of the whole light show is 15 minutes. Due to the drizzle in Hangzhou that night, we could only sit in the bus to watch this grand and graceful light show in the south of the Yangtze River. Although separated by a layer of glass, but in the dense light, the actor's performance was like a dream, like poetry, like a song, like a picture, the charm of Hangzhou was at a glance.

The next day, we went to experience the famous Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal in Hangzhou. With the slow progress of the cruise ship, we listened to the staff's introduction along the way, as if enjoying the beautiful natural scenery on both sides of the canal in a different millennium time and space, feeling the leisurely and comfortable living conditions of people from ancient times to modern times, and really enjoying the scenery, history and culture of the canal, as well as the wisdom of the ancients While appreciating the beautiful scenery, and we also deeply felt the greatness and prosperity of our motherland.

During the two-day trip, the boat was floating in the river, and we visited like watching beautiful paitings, with the amazing scenery and the laughter. We walked and climbed between the mountains and rivers, close to nature, formed a team to compete in the canyon rafting, and helped each other. The friendship between each other has been deepening, which also made everyone feel the warmth and cohesion of the North American Camera team.

Working hard and living enthusiastically, this is the true portrayal of a group of hot-blooded young people. We are looking forward to our new journey with full energy and passion!