Tinno IOT helps customers open up strong cognitive AI education hardware market

Automatic correction homeworkautomatic generation of error book AI exercise explanation, the AILA smart homework light developed and OEM by Tinno IOT is hot!


AILA smart homework light is the first strong cognition AI education hardware products. Tencent link DMAI education promoted.  AILA focus on the scent of homework , internally set Tencent’s homework APP, providing users with a series of services, along with functions for intelligent talking, fingertips reading, automatic correction homework AI explanation, errors book automatically generated etc.



For students, AILA smart homework light can support fingertip reading in both Chinese and English. Point reading recognition rate and pronounces distinctly is the industry leading; support homework photos and upload, Complete coverage of A4 paper for homework photography, so that the child can summit homework without touching the mobile phone. For parents, AI homework correction function covers a variety of teaching sources with high correction accuracy, at the same time the parents can understand the child’s learning situation through the small program , and help parents master learning situationshare the pressure of accompanying tutoring. In addition, AILA smart homework light have reached national AA standard for eye careusers can achieve turn on and off the lights by voice, adjust the volume , check time and weather, etc. It can also monitor your child's sitting posture and provide reminders through the camera, and Synchronize to parents through small programs.


Tinno IOT comapny responsible for the whole development of AILA smart homework lightdesign and manufacture, replying on Tinno strong R&D technology advantage, no matter it is the strict requirements of software development or hardware structure, with the perfect supply chain system, Tinno constantly resolve the technical difficulties in the development, so as to make it more consistent with the needs of customers, and finally deliver with perfect quality.

Customer speak highly of Tinno , since its release in March this year, market has reacted well, at present Tinno IOT already received customers stack of orders.

Current production line for Tinno IOT company includes communication moduleface recognition seriessmart wear seriessmart card seriesmultiple product lines of intelligent devicesproducts cover face swiping terminalsport health watchsmart school ID cardpathogeny microbiology intelligent testersmart lamplive video deviceCat.1 communication module, etc, which covering a wide of range application scenarios, the list of cooperative customers includes China UnionPay, Tencent, Box Technology and many other well-known enterprises.