JAGUARWAVE’s Debut on The 9th CITE 2021

JAGUARWAVE--a startup tech company specializing in MM Wave 5G technology debuted on the 9th CITE 2021 in SZ China, showcasing their latest products in 5G technology


As one and only company specializing in 60GHz MM Wave technology in this expo, JAGUAREWAVE brought out their newest and full lines of products, including:

-the Red dot design winner 2018, the high-speed mobile MIFI featuring MM Wave,       -5G CPE, with on-site simulation of signal penetrating through LOW-E glass,

-11AD wireless ultra-high-speed router,

-60GHz USB dongle and module.

More than that, a wide range of PTP/MPTP mmwave wireless bridging devices has caught lots of attendees ’eyes, which is widely deploying in many industrial applications nowadays, such as wireless links of CCTV/smart city, small cell backhaul, railway transportation data seamless connectivity and cargo inspection.







Why JAGUARWAVE’s products and solutions are more powerful

Compared with existing wireless communication techniques, such as WiFi and 4G, MM Wave communications comes with the advantages of high bandwidth, ultra-high throughput and ultra-low latency, and strong detection ability. However, the disadvantages come along as well, saying limited coverage, blockage from obstacles, limited signal propagation.

But, all of these difficulties were broken through by JAGUARWAVE over the past 3 years with continuous research and development on foundational MM Wave and advanced RF technology, making the signal penetrating through LOW-E glass become possible without harming the object from outdoors to indoors.


What JAGUARWAVE’s products and solutions will benefit many industries?

Taking Industrial manufacturing field for example, some application scenarios have traditionally been challenged with limited network capacity, thereby constrained with the poor quality of service (e.g., slow speeds and unreliable connectivity) they can deliver. With mm Wave’s three major significant features of wider bandwidth and higher through put, lower latency, we could rapidly make low-latency connectivity controlling within 1m/s.

In this way, any hidden Industrial accident could be timely avoided considering the safety concerns in manufacturing process.

Besides the applications mentioned above, AGU MM Wave technology is also pretty suitable for face recognition & truck plate recognition, manufacturing process monitoring, high precision inspection by connecting with AI algorithm. With the existing PTP/PtMP products, plus, the on-going Mesh technology being exploited by JAGUARWAVE, all coming in one combination continues to evolve for improved performance, reliability, and efficiency in each industrial aspect.




Founded in 2016, focusing on 5G core technology --MM Wave, as a new group member of Tinno Tech, JAGUAREWAVE is a pioneer in line of 5G MM Wave technology industry that equipped with the cutting-edge mm Wave laboratory, as well as talents from all aspects offering the advanced, unique customized products and solutions to fulfill the needs of enterprises/governments.


Stay tune for more.