Tinno Mobile won the fifth place in the 2020 Nanshan District Top Ten Industrial Outstanding Contrib

At the just-concluded 2020 Nanshan District Economic Outstanding Contribution Enterprise Top Summit, Tinno Mobile won the fifth place in the "2020 Nanshan District Top Ten Industrial Outstanding Contribution Enterprises".


Since the 40 years of reform and opening up, the economy of Nanshan District has continued to grow. A large number of giants of science and technology enterprises here were born in the special zone. More than 4,000 national high-tech enterprises have gathered more than 70% of  high-tech innovation resources of Shenzhen.In 2020, under the leadership of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Nanshan District strongly coordinates and promotes the epidemic prevention and control and the social economic development, making the key economic indicators show a "deep V reversal"and the economic construction brilliant . According to the relevant organizations data,  Shenzhens Nanshan District continues to top the list of Chinas top 100 regions with a GDP of over 600 billion yuan. This summit aims to commend enterprises that have made outstanding contributions to the economic construction of Nanshan District in 2020, and Tinno is fortunate to be among them.


In 2020 under the invasion of the epidemic, "wearing masks to fight the economy" has become a true portrayal of Tinno Mobile. In the face of difficulties, all Tinno people withstood the pressure and successively overcame the shortage of raw materials, blocked logistics, and increased pressure on order delivery,etc. Handed in a good answer to 2020 with perseverance . Thanks to the trust of the Nanshan District Government, Tinno Mobile will continue to make efforts in the future and continue to contribute to the sustained and high-quality economic development of Shenzhen and Nanshan District!