Tinno Mobile Technology has been selected as a key supporting large enterprise in Guangdong Province

Recently, Department of Industry and information Technology of Guangdong Province released the catalog of provincial key support large enterprise in 2020-2021,  Tinno was selected.


According to 《Guidelines of Guangdong Provincial Committee of the People’s Government of Guangdong Province on encouraging and supporting large key enterprises in Guangdong to expand scale and enhance strength》requirement, Guangdong Province will prioritize support the development of large key enterprises in manufacturing、strategy emerging industries and modern services industries. Selected enterprises will receive key support from the government to help implement relevant policies and timely coordinate and solve the difficulties encountered in the production and operation of enterprise.


It is learned that the assessment criteria for large key enterprises are relatively strict, the applicant enterprises are required to must have the annual revenue for main business reach more than 10 billion yuan outstanding contribution to local taxes, innovation ability in the same industryenterprise management and quality management level of the forefront and have a large development prospect and other requirements, the selection of Tinno not only reflects the care and support of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government for local key enterprises, but also reflects the market's recognition of the comprehensive strength of Tinno. This honor will encourage all Tinno employees to speed up their progress!