One billion! TINNO Mobile completes the signing of investment agreement

On November 13, "TINNO building Yibin Dream-TINNO Mobile core suppliers communication meeting and project investment signing ceremony" was held in Yibin City. Yibin Emerging Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd.and TINNO Mobile signed an investment agreement at the meeting, with an investment amount of 1 billion yuan.


Lu Zhenhua, chairman of the Standing Committee of Yibin Municipal People's Congress; Lv Xiaoli, chairman of the CPPCC; Li Xuejiao, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Yibin Municipal Committee, director of the United Front Work Department and director of the Municipal Investment Promotion Committee; Guan Jingbo, member of the Standing Committee of Yibin Municipal Committee and vice mayor of the municipal government; Tao xuezhou, member of the CPC group of Yibin municipal government, director of the municipal development and Reform Commission and Secretary of the CPC Working Committee of Sanjiang new area; Hua Shuru ,member of the CPC group of Yibin municipal government , director of Municipal Financial Work Bureau, and chairman of the Municipal State owned assets company, and other government leaders attended the signing ceremony. Relevant leaders of Yibin municipal departments, Sanjiang new area and Cuiping District, as well as executives of 25 TINNO Mobile core suppliers from around the world, attended the signing ceremony.



TINNO Group and Yibin are not the first time to cooperate. As early as 2017, TINNO Mobile reached strategic cooperation with Harbor Economic and Technological Development Zone of Yibin City. TINNO has achieved an output value of 1.5 billion yuan in 2019, and the output value will exceed 3 billion yuan this year. TINNO's southwest 5G R&D Center covers an area of 7000 square meters and invests 300 million yuan. It plans to build a high-quality R&D team with more than 300 people in two years, and 5G technology will be realized by then full coverage, driving the mobile terminal industry in the region towards innovative brand building.

During the trip to Yibin, we also held a communication meeting for core suppliers of TINNO Mobile. At the meeting, senior executives of 25 core suppliers of TINNO Mobile were invited to gather in Yibin, and many industry leaders gathered together. We had in-depth opinions exchange and discussion on the current situation and future development trend of the industry, which deepened the cooperation between TINNO and its core suppliers.



TINNO Mobile began to actively adjust the market layout and sales strategy in combination with the industry competition situation and the new opportunities brought by 5G in 2018, and vigorously expand the ODM market of international brands and the North American operator market. Now it has achieved fruitful results. In 2019, international brand customers and North American operator customers will bring new sales revenue of nearly 3.5 billion yuan for TINNO Mobile, and it is expected to exceed 6 billion yuan in 2020. From 2020 to 2025, combined with the development of 5G and IoT, the performance will usher in continuous growth. It is expected to achieve at least 20 billion yuan in the next three years and 30 billion yuan in five years. The financing will be used to further expand the business of TINNO international first-line operators and international big brand customers, and accelerate the development of TINNO's investment and construction projects in Yibin.