TINNO IOT enables Live Broadcast HW equipment with global 1st-invented technology for customers

Recently, a new generation of live broadcasting hardware equipment commissioned by domestic well-known financial payment brand customer, designed and produced by TINNO IOT LTD was released. The device was evaluated by customer as "the live broadcast hardware equipment with global first-invented technology", which integrates the advantages of various live broadcast equipment and fills the gap in the existing live broadcasting equipment industry.


In recent two years, the indusdry of live broadcasting has been booming up. Since this year, under the impact of the epidemic situation, selling products by live broadcasting is developing in full swing at major platforms, and live broadcasting is changing people's consumption patterns. However, "the contradiction between the growing demand for live broadcasting and the inefficient live broadcasting tools" has also followed, and the complicated construction of live broadcasting showrooms has troubled the majority of business users who have demand for live broadcasting.

In view of the user pain points as to the live broadcast industry, this device not only has ultra-high hardware configuration, but also supports "one screen with five sections". It is the first one in the world to support one screen to broadcast multiple live broadcast platforms at the same time, which saves users the trouble of building multiple mobile phones and multi-screen live broadcasting for different live broadcast platforms. At the same time, it also supports the cooperation between the host and the director in the live broadcast showroom to realize the cooperation of many people, and one platform can complete the live broadcast.


Relying on TINNO Group's strong R &D and design strength, mature supply chain and production and manufacturing system, TINNO IOT LTD can not only carry out structural design, raw material procurement, scheme integration, quality control according to the needs of customers, but also provide competitive cost advantages. In the year of its establishment, its output value has been close to 100 million yuan. In recent years, it has been developing rapidly. In addition to the above-mentioned live broadcast equipment, there are many products that will soon be put into mass production. TINNO IOT LTD, which has only been established for one year, has a list of cooperative customers including China UnionPay, Tencent, iBOXCHAIN, CUNW, SvbMA and other well-known enterprises.

With the vigorous development of IOT industry, TINNO IOT will continue to ride the storm. There will be a bright future worth looking forward to.