Short biography of Integrated Management Module's team-building

The March likes a song, everything sing together;The south wind is warm in spring, the cherry  trees are blooming.

The exuberant spring shows the rhythm of life everywhere and plays a beautiful symphony at the right time.

Integrated Management Module organized a team-building activity at this time, which not only make us feel the beautiful spring and relive the moods, but also strengthens the staff’s cohesive force and team cooperation ability.

The first sport is “Dynamic kicking”, which not only tested everyone’s coordination, but also showed the  team cooperation ability.

There was another activity  called “Big Flat Shoes” that also depended on team cooperation ability and cohesive force.

“ Caterpillar” was relatively easy, but also needed speeding and cohesive force.

The next is team picnic, through clearly division of labor and good teamwork,eventually carried on the delicious food with color and fragrance.

 The free activity after picnic that made us taste the smell of cherry blossom and got the relaxation from kinds of activities.

The activities ended successfully,which not only made us relax,but also strengthened the  cohesive force and team cooperation ability.