Tinno gets the rewards of Top 500 enterprises at Shenzhen again.


Shenzhen Enterprise Confederation and Shenzhen Entrepreneur Association jointly issued the list of the top 500 enterprises of Shenzhen on 29th Oct. Tinno gets the rewards again this year after topping the list last year,which is ranking  at the 110th.


The ranks is the considerable list to measure the development of Shenzhen's enterprises based on the annual revenue of every company last year, which covered the tens of industry fields and systems and reflect the current status of development of Shenzhen's enterprises, achievements and the trends of the future objectively.

The companies ranked this list are not only behalf of the higher revenus, stable situation of business, but also show that the enterprises have more competitiveness at Shenzhen even more the whole country.

In fact, Tinno  took root in Shenzhen and widen the view to the world many years. Tinno have already earned foreign exchange ten billions accumulatively by now, depending on concentrated sales network of the world and  cooperating with international carrieroperators and  famous domestic enterprises. Meanwhile, Tinno got rewards of top 500 enterprise at Guangdong Province, manufacturing industry top 100 at Guangdong Province, Top 100 companies on tax contribution at Nanshan District,ect.

Besides mobile business, Tinno  also expended the business of internet of Things and Millimeter Wave Technology postively recent years, sparing no effort to increase investment on R&D, expending to moblie, tablet PC,intelligent hardware and 5G millimeter wave transmission device,ect. Tinno got double revenue during the first half year of 2021 compared to the same period of last year, with the booming  season of the orders is coming , it is expected to have more revenue and the amount of shipment significantly than last year .