Tinno strictly implemented the disease control and prevention work

Recently, the spread of the epidemic in domestic cities was caused by the virus carried in the outside of aircraft cabin, in order to prevent the import and export goods carrying the virus in the warehouse, Tinno warehouse and logistics department have greatly improved the supervision of all cargos and goods.


In that very hot, summer day, everyday the warehouse staffs heavily armed, inspected every inbound truck and cargo. Before unload and loading completion, staffs shall not take off the isolation and protective suit, but all used isolation suitprotective suitdisposable headgeargloves shoe cover must strictly disinfected and then throw into the special rubbish bin.


Warehouse must carry out the comprehensive inspection for the truck from arrive and leave, prevent all viruses from being brought into the warehouse, and also ensure the absolute safety of goods and trucks out of the warehouse.



Before receive or dispatch the goods, operators are requested to wear protective suitgogglesdisposable headgearglovesand shoes to do the inspection and disinfection for goods and trucks.


The warehouse will operate differently for different goods and trucks, it's mainly divided into seven point inspection method of containerseven point inspection method of van linecab inspection and chassis inspection.  If the goods from one of the 11 countries where the epidemic is most sever, they have to put them into a exclusive disinfection area of the warehouse and disinfected again.



In a burning hot summer, warehouse staffs always uphold a rigorous attentive and meticulous, not let go any of details, seriously had carried out the disinfection of every piece of goodsevery truck in and out. During the epidemic, all of warehouse colleagues worked together to fight the war, which greatly enhanced the cohesive of the department, strengthened the communication between the department members, improve the work efficiency of department.

Tinno warehouse department, as one of the most frequent external contact departments, entire team do not afraid of the heat, carefully implement disinfection to all goods and trucks, put an end to the possible virus, therefore protect the safety of goods.