TINNO Is Certified As AEO Advanced Certified Enterprises By Shenzhen Customs!

On February 24, at the press conference held by Shenzhen Customs, Chen Xiaoying, director of Shenzhen Customs, issued AEO Certified Enterprises certificate to TINNO, which marked that TINNO is now officially entitled as "AEO Advanced Certified Enterprises"!


AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) programme aims to provide domestic and mutual recognized customs clearance convenience for qualified enterprises, share the responsibility of law-abiding and security, and ensure the security of supply chain and trade convenience by building a cooperative relationship between customs and enterprises.

AEO certification audit is very strict. Only in internal control, financial status, law compliance, trade security and other aspects can enterprises be in line with the customs certification standards, this certification will be awarded, so AEO Certified Enterprises certificate is the highest credit rating recognized by the customs for enterprises. By the end of 2020, there are 303 AEO Advanced Certified Enterprises in Shenzhen, accounting for only 0.20% of the total number of enterprises in Shenzhen.


As AEO Advanced Certified Enterprises, we can not only enjoy the customs clearance convenience measures of domestic customs and the joint incentives of multiple government departments, but also enjoy the customs clearance convenience measures of 17 economies, 43 countries and regions that have signed AEO mutual recognition agreements with China, which is helpful to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of TINNO, so as to quickly enter the international market, seize market share and win favorable opportunities for TINNO products.

The successful obtaining of AEO Advanced Certified Enterprises certification is the customs' full recognition for TINNO Mobile's legalization of operation and trade compliance. TINNO Mobile will continue to strengthen internal supervision, implement Customs standards, and achieve better result with the blessing of AEO Advanced Certified Enterprises qualification!