TINNO Is Stepping Into the Trillion IoT Market with“TINNO i”Trademark Approved



Recently, “TINNO i”trademark registered by Shenzhen TINNO IOT LTD was officially approved. This marks that TINNO, which has been in the field of IoT for a long time, has officially entered the IoT market.


 IoT creates a trillion market,and mobile phone manufacturers are the main players 


According to the "2020-2026 China IoT industry market research and market development prospects report" released by Zhiyan Consulting Group, it is showing  that in 2020, the number of global IoT terminal connections will reach 28,100 million, and the scale of China's IoT industry will continue to increase, and it is expected to achieve 2 trillion yuan by 2020.


IoT's huge demand has brought about numerous IoT manufacturing enterprises. Despite all this, most of them are only responsible for one part due to the market fragmentation and their own capabilities and experiences limitation. Only a few can achieve integrated management and quality control. Industry insiders believe that IoT suppliers lack the overall management and control ability from R&D to manufacturing, from raw material procurement to user penetration. At present, only mobile phone manufacturers are truly good at integrating upstream and downstream resources.


 Born with reputation, TINNO IOT digs for more 


Shenzhen TINNO IOT LTD (hereinafter referred to as TINNO IOT) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TINNO Group. TINNO IOT was established in early 2019, and its output value in that year has been close to 100 million yuan.


After more than a year of development, TINNO IOT has nearly 200 employees, 55% of whom are product and R&D personnel.

The product planning of TINNO IOT is still in the exploratory stage, and the products are diversified, mainly including face recognition, smart wear, smart card and intelligent devices. The products cover bank level face recognition terminal, sports health watch, intelligent school card, pathogenic microorganism intelligent detector, home smart desk lamp, live video tablet, TWS headset, etc. It involves smart face recognition, smart campus, smart care for the elderly, smart home, health protection, smart security, health sports and other widely used scenarios.


Relying on TINNO Group's strong capabilities in R&D and design, mature supply chain and manufacturing system, TINNO IOT is one of the few IoT design and manufacturing enterprises in the market that can independently complete the whole chain operation. It can not only carry out structural design, raw material procurement, scheme integration and quality control according to the needs of customers, but also provide competitive cost advantages, and even It can also help customers enter overseas markets through TINNO Mobile's channel network in more than 70 countries and regions around the world.


Perhaps because of these advantages, TINNO IOT, established only one year ago, has launched in-depth cooperation with many well-known enterprises, including China UnionPay, Tencent, iBOXCHAIN, CUNW and SvbMA.


With the good reputation accumulated by TINNO Group in the industry for many years, TINNO IOT has received cooperation invitation from many well-known enterprises including domestic Internet giants. In addition to cooperation projects, TINNO IOT plans to enter the field of health and medical products in the near future. With the vigorous development of IoT, TINNO IOT will surely set sail ahead in this vast blue ocean!