Public Welfare

TINNO Public Welfare went to village primary schools in Henan


In October, TINNO’s volunteers came to Xugang Primary School in Henan Province again, donated 125 sets of desks and 

chairs for the new classroom building, and brought a vivid and interesting English workshop to children with a theme of SUGAR

 translate phone chatting with the world.

On the morning of October 15th, teachers and students of Xugang Primary School and volunteers gathered for a flag-raising

and donation ceremony. Principal Wang made a speech expressing her gratitude to TINNO for caring about rural education, 

giving love and doing practical things, and encouraging children to turn the care of TINNO into learning motivation and return 

with results. One of the volunteers Mickey. Xu who was graduated from Xugang Primary School, expressed his hoping that 

students will study hard and return to their hometown and alma mater when they are able in the future.


 Volunteers communicated with poor families to understand the children's learning and living conditions, and handed over the

 subsidies and intimate gifts to children from TINNO Nanjing and TINNO Shenzhen.

In the open class, volunteers brought a vivid English lesson to the children, which fully aroused the enthusiasm of the children. 

At the end of the class, the student assistance activities came to an end, and the children behaved reluctantly.



TINNO will continue to undertake public welfare in the future and pay attention to the development of education in China village.