Public Welfare

TINNO Public Welfare went to primary schools in Jiangxi village


On September 18, TINNO's volunteers came to Sun Village, Pengze County, Jiangxi Province to carry out public welfare activities 

to the Sun Primary School. Donated books, sports equipment and some teaching equipment, brought an interesting 

environmental painting class to the students on the theme of "Our Beautiful Home".

At the donation ceremony, the Sun Primary School thanked TINNO for its student assistance activities and presented a pennant.

Andy spoke on behalf of TINNO, encouraging students to study hard and leading students to pay tribute to the teachers.



In the environmental protection painting class, the humorous explanations and vivid courseware of the volunteers attracted the

children. When the children got the paintbrush and the environmental protection bag, they devoted themselves to the creation. 

Volunteers from TINNO also visited the students’ families of low income. According to the situation, follow up one-to-one 

support for these poor students, TINNO will donate a certain amount of funds every year, continue to pay attention to the 

growth of children until their university graduation.



We will use this donation activity as a starting point to continue the student assistance activities, help mountain education,

 and bring warmth and hope to more children.